Thursday, March 10, 2016

Book Review: Binge by Tyler Oakley

Hello beautiful people! I hope you're all having a wonderful day: let me know in the comments :) Today I am writing a review of the one, and only Binge by Tyler Oakley! I read this book in a matter of days because once I started I couldn't put it down. I was immersed in Tyler Oakley's world, and it was amazing! I highly recommend this book!

Rating: 10

First I'll let you know a bit about Binge and Tyler Oakley. For those who don't know Tyler Oakley is an American youtuber (who is fabulous by the way). His videos range from goofy challenges to empowering speeches. Tyler is also a huge LGBT+ community advocate. In general he is a funny guy who embraces himself and inspires so many others to do the same. Well now he's written a book full of secrets and never before shared stories!

Binge is a roller coaster of a book that had me in tears of laughter on one page to tears of sadness on the next. I can honestly say I have never laughed so hard while reading a book. Tyler is so honest, and relatable it's just amazing. He shares a perfect balance of super personal stories full of meaning, with just enough light hearted stories. The way it was written it felt like you were experiencing it with him. Every page of this book was enjoyable, and there's something in it for everyone.

For fans of Tyler it is perfect because you get to see a whole other side of him. You get great insight into his life before youtube, and you learn some really personal things about him. After finishing the book I felt really close to Tyler, and I loved him even more! 

All I can say is wow: Binge is AMAZING! I honestly loved every second of the book, and it has easily become one of my favorite books. It also has a special place in my heart! His stories are so inspirational and I just love him and his book. Tyler Oakley is Queen and his book is a blessing! If you have read it let me know your thoughts in the comments, and if you haven't read it than you best get on it :)  xoxo Tink

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Show Review: First impression of Shadowhunters

Hi guys, Tink here! I hope everyone is having a good day. Today I am going to be giving a review on the first episode of Freeform's Shadowhunters: The Mortal Instruments. Being a huge fan of the book series I have some rather mixed feelings about the show. I will start with the bad and end with the good. Remember these are just my opinions.

Rating: 4

I believe it is a terrible adaption. I feel like they took everything I loved about the books and threw it out the window. Now I completely understand that when going from book to screen there will be changes, but they made me hate the show. First I'll discuss the smaller changes. They not only got rid of Simon's band, but they put Maureen - his groupie -  in it. His band added to his character. Also Dot was not a sweet lady but a warlock who just threw Clary through a portal with ease. That whole seen in Pandemonium wasn't very accurate. Not to mention Luke doesn't own a bookstore! Instead he is a detective. It doesn't even seem like the same story. I found all of these problems in the first episode. So in my opinion it is a horrible adaption.

However, with all of that said I believe this may turn out to be a good show. If I look at it from a non book lover it looks really cool. There is action, mystery, and romance! It has a storyline that ropes you in from the beginning. So what the acting is mediocre: they can improve.

Now that I have seen some more episodes I still think it's a bad adaptation, but it is a good show. What do you think: agree or disagree? Let me know in the comments!