Wednesday, September 9, 2015

What Show To Watch Next?

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For newcomers to the blog, welcome I am Tinkerbell and I hope you enjoy this post!

So today I am going to be writing about something a little different, nothing too sentimental. Today I am going to talk to you about some of my favorite television shows, and tell you why you should watch them. This is something different so I hope you like it.
 I will be going through eight shows in no particular order, I just like having them numbered. I am not always the best at explaining things so I hope this goes well.

1. Supernatural

Supernatural is a very popular show for a reason. I have loved t from the first time I watched it, and although some seasons may seem a bit dull, it's worth the watch. It starts out with two brothers killing monster while searching for their dad, but it turns into so much more. They face the apocalypse, purgatory, heaven, hell, and satan himself. Not to mention they have one of the hottest casts! If you are into monsters and mythological beings you will love this show. They have great characters and lots of original ideas. They have 10 seasons out and an 11th on the way, so get watching! 
P.S. I am a Sam girl but, when it comes down to it, Castiel is my favorite!

2.The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead is probably my favorite show ever, I live and breathe this show. Which is weird because I am not a fan of zombies, I do not watch zombie movies or other zombie shows, but I love the walking dead. This is a show about the zombie apocalypse in which you follow the story of Rick Grimes. A former police officer, he wakes up from a coma in the midst of the apocalypse. After searching for his family you follow him and his group trying to survive in the new world. There are so many dynamic characters for people to follow, and they all grow and develop. This show is so much more then a zombie ridden world! There are 5 seasons out with a 6th on the way and a spin off series coming; Fear The Walking Dead.
P.S. I am team Daryl <3

3. Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones is a show I started because everyone wanted me to watch it. I am a huge fan of fantasy and ancient times so this was a perfect fit. Aside from The walking Dead this would be my favorite show. Full of famous actors/actresses, Game of Thrones is a spectacular show. You have kings, queens, war, sex, lies, magic, and hot people; what else can you ask for from a show? Full of intriguing characters, with lots of plots to follow, it keeps you guessing. I strongly suggest you watch this! With five seasons out and a 6th on the way, this show is going strong.
P.S. Jon Snow is my favorite, and I am a huge fan of Kit Harrington!

4. Finding Carter

Finding carter is a newer show with its second season airing now. Carter was kidnapped when she was four, twelve years later she is found. Now her whole life has been turned upside down. Everything she knew was lie. She now has to adjust to having a twin sister, little brother, father, and a cop for a mom. With very few people from the life she knew still around Carter is overwhelmed and has a lot to go through, with more secrets being spilled each day. This is a show for those who like mystery, and drama. I stumbled upon it while channel surfing one night and am absolutely in love. A great watch!

5. BBC Merlin 

Everyone loves the story of Camelot and King Arthur; and I must say this is one of my favorite takes on it. Focused on Merlin, this show slows us to see things from his perspective. As the show goes on we see a young servant (Merlin) continuously save a spoiled prince (Arthur), in a place where magic is banned; all the while watching a friendship. Adding some romance and secrets and lies makes this show great. This show has only 5 seasons and is finished.

6. House

House is a show I grew up watching with my mom, and later returned to watch it again when I was older and could understand it better. I love doctor shows, and I love mysteries, so House is perfect in my mind. Throughout the 8 seasons of house you follow the narcissistic and selfish Dr. House, and his team of doctors while they try to solve the unsolvable medical cases. House likes to break all the rules and treat everyone like shit, but he is a great doctor. With lots of loveable characters and so many interesting cases, this is the best doctor show I have seen (even better than Grey's Anatomy in my opinion).
P.S. I am in love with Jesse Spencer (a.k.a. Dr. Chase).

7. BBC Sherlock

BBC Sherlock is one of my favorites because it is such an interesting take on the original series, and in my opinion the best version. I love mysteries and have loved the Sherlock stories since I was little, and this show has done a great job with the idea of Sherlock. It has some amazing actors too. For those who don't know who Sherlock is, he is a detective; he also happens to be a high functioning sociopath. Sherlock is unconventional, but is capable of solving all crimes. the best part about this show is that every episode is and hour and a half long, allowing proper time to have detailed mysteries. The only downside, you get three episodes a season...and you get a season once every few years... So yes the wait sucks but this show is honestly worth it. Plus by the time you finish the 3 seasons are out, the christmas special should be out :)

8. True Blood

Before The Walking Dead came out, True Blood was my favorite show. Vampires are my favorite mythical creatures, and True Blood has one of my favorite takes on them. Full of characters I love, and based on my favorite vampire book series, this show will always be one of my favorites. In a world where a synthetic blood has been created, allowing vampires to come out of the dark, and live off it, you follow Sookie Stackhouse's life. One night at work Sookie meets Vampire Bill and her world is flipped upside down. She is pulled into their world, where not only vampires exist, but werewolves, witches, and all kinds of other creatures. Sookie isn't a normal human though either, she can read minds and her blood is sweeter than other humans, so what is she? This show is truly amazing, and even though after 7 seasons, it has ended, it is an amazing show that all of you should watch. With an extremely hot cast and a possibility for a sequel why not watch it?

So guys, those are my eight favorite shows. If any of you watch them, drop a comment and let me know what you think of them or why you like them.

Also this post took me 2 hours to write so I really hope you guys liked it.

Flying back to Neverland xoxo Tink

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