Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Welcome and a Bit About me!

Hey guys and gals! Welcome to my blog. My name is Tinkerbell and I am so happy that you are taking the time to read this, so thank you!
First things first you are amazing and I think you should know that. Everyone is amazing and nobody hears it often enough, so I want to say that YOU ARE AMAZING!
I am also pretty sure people will think my name is dumb but I do not care. It is obviously not my real name but that does not matter. My name does not define me. I just really love Tinkerbell.
Now onto what this post is about. I have created this blog to share experiences with people, to learn and grow with people. The world can be tough and cruel and with technology these days we are now able to hide from it, and that is a problem. We need to face the world, so let us do it together. 
We all have our ups and downs, our happy moments and dark days, and more often than not we are afraid to talk about them. So here is the deal, I will do the talking :) 
When I have a bad day I will tell you about it, and for those of you who have those similar feelings of doubt and sadness, well you will know you are not alone! 
When I am overjoyed and excited I will tell you about it, so maybe I can remind people there is is happiness to be found. 
I am going to be real with you and you can be real with me. There is no one around to judge us, on here, we can be us without worrying about the world.
Now this Blog will not just be all mushy and feely, I promise! I happen to be a huge fangirl so I will also make posts about books I have read and shows I like. I will give reviews and post pictures of the merchandise I collect!
This Blog will include a bit of everything. And if there is something you want me to discuss just let me know, I am open minded.
So I know this post is short but it is really just an introduction. So welcome and I hope you enjoy my future posts :)

If you want to find any of my other social media sites I will list them below, they can also be found on the side of this page underneath the description of me and archive.


Flying back to Neverland xoxo Tink

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